Gaming 2014, What to Remember?

It’s been a great year, if you ask me. In terms of gaming at least! With the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare release, the Dragon Age: Inquisition release and even the release of Destiny! Although that didn’t pan out exactly how Bungie were expecting I would think! Never the less, it’s been a great year, and in this article I’ll tell you my favourite parts!

To start off – Advanced Warfare. Now, I have a lot to say about this game but I don’t want to keep you all day. We’ll start with the multiplayer (since that’s my favorite part about the Call of Duty games), let’s just say it was fast. Without a doubt the fastest CoD I’ve played to date. I think it was mainly the exo abilities that made the gameplay so quick, the ability to traverse around and jump over things you wouldn’t normally be able to. I loved it… t the start. Yes it was great fun for a while, being able to fly around. But it eventually got tiring, having people kill you from all angles at all times. I am now at the stage where I want it to go back to the old fashioned CoD. Ideally back to the first Modern Warfare, which is in my opinion the best FPS of all time.

As for exo zombies, I actually like the addition of the exo suits, it gives it another dynamic. Having zombies come at you with exo abilities really does spice things up.

All in all, I did like Advanced Warfare. It was a damn site better than Ghosts, at least.

As for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I loved it. The game mechanics are wonderful. I have had many days on that game just roaming round getting into battles, having the time of my life. They really have done a great job.

Finally onto Destiny. I had big hopes for Destiny, but I couldn’t get round that fact that everything I did on it just felt pointless. The story really was dreadful. I quite enjoyed the shooting mechanics, which is no surprise as it was Bungie who made it. But the story was a huge let down. I’d like to see a second attempt, as I think this game had huge potential.

Altogether I’d say this was a great year for gaming, and I look forward to what’s coming next!

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